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My name is Roxanne, I am a Visual Designer and

Makeup Artist from Washington Heights, New York City.


I'm a D&AD New Blood Shift Graduate class of 2020,

first zoom course during the pandemic (What a year,

am I right?). Currently I’m strengthening my networking skills and pursuing a career as an Art Director.

I’ve partnered with companies such as Sephora and

Verb Products on campaigns that help bring inclusivity, improve brand identity and product knowledge,

while driving traffic to sales. I’ve also worked with

the New York City Department of Education as

Senior Graphic Designer, creating content such as websites and flyers for after-school programs that assist the progress

of education in our communities.


My specialties include working clients on and off set of

music-video productions. As well as creating brand identities for local artist and small businesses.

I want to share my knowledge of art and creativity through my work with the world. 


When I’m not creating content, I’m a foster mom with with Hearts and Bones Rescue.

I am currently available for freelance work.

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